Critical Reflection

Career Professional Development II has definitely been an useful module in helping me to improve my interpersonal communication skill in the workplace. The topics shared in classes were essential in helping student to develop a clearer sense of personal brand so that we are aware of others in terms of how do others perceived us. Additionally, I have gained a better understanding of the different approaches to oral presenting, conflict management and active listening.

Apart from the topics covered, the several blog assessments that was tasked to us allowed me to learn the different mistakes that I wrote through your constructive feedback in the comments. We were also tasked to comment on our peers’ posts which enable us to see the understand more about them.

Additionally, the final training video assignment allow us to understand in-depth about the interpersonal communication problem in the hospitality industry. I have definitely enjoyed creating the training video with my fellow peers to showcase the guiding principles that we have for our problem.


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